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It's Finland, stupid!

Dear mr Dmitri Smirnov. I sadly noticed that you, mr Putin's political correspondet and subservient servant, have had totally wrong information about mr Putin's and mr Trump's meeting place. It's Finland, stupid.

If you have not taken note, we mostly speak finnish here in Finland and mostly drink Koskenkorva. I'm not sure but I think some of us, a few jerks, drink Smirnov-vodka but that tastes like shit and comes from some developing country in the east. When you try to travel here, you usually need Visa at least as far as you are a russian. We do not like much those who try to come here from east and especially with hostile intentions. By the way, that concerns everyone. If you don't know for sure our attitude to foreign threat , check your historybooks again, years 1939-44 to be exact.   

If it is too difficult to you to understand it, you surely have possibility to ask your big boss where Finland is. I think he can tell it without big difficulties because he has visited here few times. I garantee that it's not in Russian empire. You may have some great amount of ecres in your country but you do not have brain to develope it. I have to admit that I envy Sweden that she has got something we don't: good neighbours.


Pasi Majuri, from Finland 


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